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Jolly Swag

The Jolly Swag range is for serious campers who enjoy that little bit of extra comfort in the great outdoors.

The Jolly Swag Convoluted 70mm Mattresses work on the concept of MAXIMUM COMFORT - MINIMUM BULK. This is a new concept in swag mattresses which increases comfort levels (but not price) & considerably reduces bulk, enhancing rolling. Your mattress comes with an protective rot proof cover elasticised for ease of removal & cleaning.

The Jolly Swags are made of an exclusive cotton canvas material in 15oz  for the top & 17oz for the base . This  highly durable material  is proofed, "TearCheck"TM canvas with exceptional breathability & suppleness. The base being extra strong with the canvas weave having a ‘poly’ spun thread giving it far greater tear strength.

The quality of the Jolly Swag range continues to the smallest components see below -

  • Hoops are exclusive 9mm PU coated vinylester fishing rod fibreglass made in Australia
  • Zips are water repellant & self repairing spiral No. 8 & 10.
  • Mesh strong sandfly proof "FineTex" TM
  • Buckles are military strength quick release style
  • Straps polypropylene
  • Corners leather re-enforced on all hoop swags

Warranty: LIFETIME PRODUCT WARRANTY. Refer to label for full warranty details.

Trademarks: All Swag names, & TearCheck are trademarks of Outdoor Accessories Pty Ltd.