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The History of Swags

In the late 1800’s farm workers looking for jobs roamed the Australian bush with swags on their backs and became known as Swagmen. Their swag was their home. It was a warm bed, a ground cover and a place to store spare clothes.  At night, the swagmen would unroll their swags and sleep warmly cocooned under the southern stars in the beautiful Australian outback.

The Jolly Swagman was established in 1987, to celebrate the spirit of the Australian bushman, his love of the great outdoors and a warm bed. The Jolly Swagman range of swags delivers outdoor living with indoor comfort by combining tradition with modern materials. 

Our swags have something for everyone - from the diehard camper to those who prefer a few more creature comforts. The Jolly Swagman range includes single and double swags and incorporate mattresses, flyscreens and state of the art waterproof materials to ensure a great night’s sleep.