Caring for your Swag

Swag Care Instructions

Avoid packing your swag up when damp. If you need to transport when damp, roll it loosely and dry it out at the 1st available moment.

Treat any mildew or mould with a 10:1 solution of White King and clean with a stiff brush rubbing gently.

Where synthetic materials are used such as strap webbing and peg loops there is the potential that minor leaking may occur. This is very minor and rarely happens, however if this is the case, it is recommended that a waterproofing spray or liquid be applied to these areas where the sewing points are.

Our specialized canvas is exclusive to the Jolly Swagman. It is manufactured from 100% cotton natural fibres.

Setting up your Swag

Setting up your Dome / Hoop Swag:

  • Open Head Window to eliminate any air locks.
  • Plug poles into ferrules prior to placing in the corner pole pockets
  • Use the velcro tabs to tension the canvas and tighten to the poles
  • Attach Small Ropes to the Eyelet on Hood at the front of the swag and to the eyelet on the foot on a triangle shaped footed Dome. If the foot is a Dome style use the long rope supplied & attach to both sides of the poles between the velcro tabs and canvas sleeves.
  • Extra Ropes are supplied with Wide Double 5* Swags to help eliminate sag.
  • Pull taught with supplied pegs well away from swag. For best results after tightening both head and foot, repeat the step alternating ends.
  • Pull out all corners so base is square.
  • All Dome swags require minimum 2 ropes.
  • As our swags are manufactured from heavy canvas they can sag if peg placement is too close to the swag & ropes are not taught.
  • Shorten fiberglass rods if necessary with a fine bladed hacksaw.


Setting up your Traditional / Flat Swag:

  • Flat/Traditional swags can be used as a simple bedroll or stung up. It is a good practice to string up the head to reduce condensation.
  • An adjustable steel pole is the most practical for setting up the head or they can be strung up to a post.
  • Ensure the ‘Head Stiffener Pipe’ inside the swag has the curve facing up.
  • All swags have pegging points in the corners

Note # Avoid setting your swags under large trees for safety from falling debris.


Packing up your Swag

Packing Up your Swag:

  • Close all canvas zips on top or sides of the swag. Leave mesh zips open.
  • Ropes can remain attached to eyelets
  • For Dome swags place poles in pole organizer at head.
  • Fold excessive canvas to the centre of the swag.
  • Roll swag from the foot end. When close to the head end pull all excess canvas back into the swag to protect from exposing the head. Connect Buckles and tighten. NEVER stand up and put your foot on the straps to tighten. Tightening the straps will not make your swag smaller. It will simply put creases in your canvas.

Note # We roll our swags from foot to head as our foam is designed so we have a less dense material towards the foot section. This is where you have the least amount of body weight on your mattress. You can therefore start rolling your swag tighter and smaller at the foot section without excessively compressing the section you have most your weight sleeping on. This can not happen with swags that are rolled ‘Foot to Head’


  • Swags are subject to condensation in humid conditions
  • Size of swags & foam is approximate only.
  • Canvas can stretch and shrink under varying conditions.
  • Excessively compressed foam may be refreshed by exposure to the sun for a short period of time.

Happy Swagging!